I’ve Given Up On You


Element: Water – The essence of this song is pining for someone who no longer loves you, an idea which hinges on the concept of emotional turmoil. Water’s an element of the subconscious, which also contributes to the ups and downs of relationships. And, ultimately, their bitter end.

Crystal: Rose Quartz – A good gem for healing a broken heart of troubles by bringing peace and calm to the user.

Astrological Sign: Cancer – The protagonist is moody and emotional, just like our dear Water sign Cancer.

Color: Navy Blue – The color of the night sky the protagonist looks at outside his window each night.

Tarot (Major Arcana): The Tower – This card represents a pivotal moment in the journey of the Tarot, a split-second realization that changes everything. This mirrors the protagonists cry of giving up on the object of the song, presumably a love interest. It also references the physical split of a break up and the fall out that ensues.

Sabbat: Samhain – The song is about loss and missing someone, which corresponds to the Samhain theme of death.


There, There

In honor of The Wonder Years releasing the acoustic version of There, There, I’m going to do my first song correspondence chart.

Before I do that, a couple notes:

1) I’m going to try to not make these TOO Wonder Years centered, but they ARE my favorite, so it may statistically tilt towards them over time.

2) The correspondences are not always going to have the same categories. One might have element/crystal/color/herb/deity while the next could have element/color/Sabbat/planet… and so on. The only thing EVERY song will have is an element. (I haven’t come across a song that yells “SPIRIT” at me, but I’m not ruling that out just yet)

3) These are all subjective to my preferences and thoughts on things. You may not agree. I’m doing this half for me, so it’s going to be swayed by my own likes and dislikes.

4) Just because one song has the label of an element does not mean all the other correspondences are going to be related to that element. I could have a song classified as fire with a water-y crystal and an air-y herb. Doesn’t mean they won’t all go with that element, either. It’s a subjective practice and it’s going to vary.

That being said, here we go:

Song: There, There – The Wonder Years

Element: Air – I’m not sure how I would classify the original, but the acoustic version of this song reminds me of air due to the guitar parts and lyrics.

Crystal: Agate – Agate is related to the mind and thoughts. It’s element is air. It promotes eloquence, something Soupy is lamenting that he does not have.

Herb: Mistletoe – It is associated with midsummer (“I’ve got my heart strung
up on clothing line through tenement windows in mid-July…”) and has the magical property of attracting love.  It is also associated with forgiveness and reconciliation.

Sabbat: Midsummer/Litha – See lyric quoted above

Deity: Dionysus – I see Dionysus as an “awkward” god. He agreed with me (he happens to be my Patron and we talk). Also, having his heart on his sleeve is a thing to some extent. I mean, obviously he’s a deity… but he’s been one to be overt abotu his deisres. He likes the lyrics “I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times” and the idea of “babble on like a mad man.”

I hope you liked the first round of Song Correspondence Tables! If you have any comment, questions, or challenges, leave them in the comments!






Sources: witchipedia.com and https://owlcation.com/humanities/10-Weird-Gods-and-Goddesses

I Won’t Say The Lord’s Prayer, or How I Became Pagan


My husband and I are utter dorks. That is just a fact.

One afternoon in Spring ’16, he and I were sitting on the couch talking religion. This isn’t abnormal for us. I was getting out of Christianity slowly but surely, could probably be called Agnostic at that moment, and he was probably the same and had been for years. We both were somewhat ambivalent to religion, but also searching.

So we took an online quiz.

Which is what completely sane people do in this situation, of course.

We both came up UU as our first result. My second was Paganism, his was Buddhism. This just solidified something I had been feeling for a long time. Due to other identity markers, we hang out with a disproportionate amount of Pagans already. And I had begun to look into what their books had to say. My ears were on fire after the dumbass quiz.

I devoured everything I could find on the subject. Granted, some books are still half-finished, but I still read a great deal on the subject.

On Beltane of that year I promised myself to the Goddess and God, in whatever forms they decided to present themselves. Though I had read a lot, my thealogy was still crooked and didn’t grasp polytheism vs duotheism. Nonetheless, I was committed.

From there I sought out groups. We are blessed enough to be in a big city with Pagan shops, one of which has a community. Through that community we became able to celebrate the Sabbats with others, and then join a Wicca discussion group, and now I’m in a Coven (hubby isn’t ready to do the studies necessary to join, but he does sometimes come to Full Moon ritual which is open to the public).

I’m proud to admit that I no longer say the lord’s prayer.